The Companion Music Folder

Composed & Arranged by Ken Dahlin, an Instrumental Music Teacher

Thirty-six Arrangement - Over 550 Pages

Through a licensed agreement, you can legally duplicate pages over and over again!

This adds up to thousands of pages of music!

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View and Listen to All the Arrangements

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Students can now listen to every arrangement  - even at different tempos!

Students can use this new innovation for home practice!

The mp3 files on the website can be downloaded by the students or teachers.

The arrangements are designed to meet the educational criteria of differentiated instruction.
That is, many of the  arrangements present two parts on the same page.

One part to challenge the motivated students, the other part for the less skilled.

There are a few arrangements for band and or strings.
Some arrangements would work well for a "cluster concert"

Some arrangements have lyrics that the whole school will enjoy singing.
Once students sing with the band they will want to join the band! - Recruitment!
Additional Considerations

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Ordering "The Companion Music Folder" 

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I am also skilled with Sibelius Composition Software

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