The Companion Music Folder

The Companion Music Folder became available for sale at the end of September 1998. Since inception, more and more music teachers and students have benefited from use of the folder. The response by teachers using the folder has been very enthusiastic.  Several teachers and administrators have taken the time to share the following comments:

Barry Lozenski, Instrumental Supervisor

School District of Philadelphia

Following a reading session on March 12, 2001, Barry Lozenski writes, “The Companion Music Folder is an extremely valuable tool for the elementary and middle school instrumental music teacher.  The methods and materials address the MENC National Standards of Music which we are advancing at the state and local levels.” ……. “One of the teachers commented that it was the most valuable and useful session that she had attended since she began teaching.”  Click to Read the Letter.  The session went beyond the Companion Music Folder as innovated teaching ideas to motivate students were also shared.  Click to Read the Outline of the Session.    Click to Learn about having Ken do a Workshop for your School District.   (Philadelphia has licensed The Companion Music Folder for several schools.)

Most Recent - March 2007
Terri L. Moraca, Elementary Instrumental Teacher

Materials of Instruction Evaluation - Anne Arundel County Public Schools, Maryland
Anne Arundel County reviewed the Companion Music Folder for being included on their materials of instruction list.  The final recommendation – Highly Recommended.  Click to Read All of The Evaluation Form

Coordinator of Music Anne Arundel County Public Schools, Maryland
Following a reading session of the Companion Music Folder by thirty elementary instrumental music teachers, the coordinator of music writes, "The teachers found your presentation to be both creative and inspiring. The packet of materials is very good and many of our teachers have expressed an interest in purchasing them." 

Dr. Joseph Briscuso, Professor
Towson University, Towson, Maryland
"The Companion Music Folder is an important addition to instrumental pedagogical materials.  I have recommended its use in my Elementary Instrumental Methods Class at Towson University."

Howard County Public Schools, Maryland
After evaluating The Companion Folder decided to license the folder for all the elementary schools in their county.

Baltimore City Public Schools, Maryland
As a result of a recent in-service reading session, Baltimore City Public Schools has licensed The Companion Music folder for several schools.

Alaina Long, Elementary Instrumental Music Teacher
Arlington County Public Schools, Virginia
I have had the pleasure of using the Companion Music Folder for the first time this year.  It has been an integral part of my curriculum.  We can use the tunes in the Companion Folder with great success.  The accompanying CD is a great way to enhance the sound, as well as giving like instrument class groupings the effect of the full ensemble.  There is a wide variety of tunes to choose from that can be used throughout the year.  Students love the music and will request to play songs time-after-time.  Advanced and beginning players like the immediate success of being able to play along with the CD, yet the advanced players have a more challenging part to strive for.  It’s very helpful to have both the rehearsal tempo and the performance tempo together on the CD.  The practicality of paying one fee for all these pieces is a good selling point for administrators.  Thank you for all you’ve done in putting The Companion Music Folder together.

Robert Maglocci, Jr, Middle School Instrumental Music Teacher
Anne Arundel County Public Schools, Maryland
"The compositions in the Companion Music Folder offer the most realistic approach  for the beginning instrumental music class that I have encountered.  In most of the compositions the parts are differentiated for levels of ability so that the needs of all all students are met."

Deni McMurray, Elementary String Specialist
Anne Arundel County Public Schools, Maryland
"My students thoroughly enjoyed perfoming both Ghost Walk and Oh, When the Band at our recent spring concerts.  The audiences loved it when the band and strings performed together!  Thank you for providing us with these arrangements and compositions.  I look forward to trying more of the pieces in the folder next year.  My students can't wait to play "Ghost Walk" at Halloween!

Arlene Haskins, Instrumental Music Teacher, String Specialist
Harford County, Maryland
"My string students love to play "Appalachian Fiddle Tune"!  The rhythm and bowings are challenging but accessible for second year students.

The students enjoy playing the pizzicato blues bass line patterns to String Along Blues, as well as the rhythmic melodic patterns.  This piece helps reinforce the learning of B flat and teaches them to listen carefully to the pitch of the half-step between B natural and B flat."

Mark Mitchell, Elementary Instrumental Music Teacher
Montgomery County Public Schools, Maryland
"The students enjoy your music very much. The pieces provide a challenge for the advanced students and are also playable by the less experienced."

"Everyone enjoys playing Ghost Walk and Jingle Bells ... each are very clever. I am sure the audience will enjoy hearing Ghost Walk. The kids always ask to play Ghost Walk and Jingle Bells JAZZ".

"The beginning string students have fun playing Barnyard Hoedown."

"At our concert, several of Ken’s arrangements made a big hit with the parents, students & teachers"

Pam Foley, Elementary Instrumental Music Teacher
Montgomery County Public Schools, Maryland
"I introduced the selection "Ghost Walk" to my groups on Halloween and they were thrilled with it! A great way to introduce a new note in a fun setting! I am looking forward to using the rest of the folder in the future."

Jeanie Dawson , Middle School Instrumental Music Teacher
Montgomery County Public Schools, Maryland
"I love your stuff and so do my kids!! I'm definitely your advocate!!  Thanks for everything...."

Virginia Sanders, Elementary Instrumental Music Teacher
Harford County, Maryland
"I have used the Companion Music Folder and found it to fill a need in a smaller school where the band instrumentation is lacking.  It allows a few good players to have a more interesting part while the rest have something at their level to play."

Paul Mitchell, Elementary Instrumental Teacher
Fairfax County, Virginai
"Old MacDonald Had a Jazz Band is a fun and easy piece that can be worked up quickly for a concert.  The students love it and it is a big hit with the audience."

Emily Coile, Instrumental Music Teacher
Montgomery County, Maryland
"What amazing music Ken Dahlin’s arrangements are!!  I started a band and orchestra at a private (first - eighth grade) school. The music was a hit with the children.  When we worked on Mr. Dahlin’s music I did not have to remind students to practice.  Not only was it a hit with the students but the faculty and parents loved the music as well.  Most of the music contains 2 parts; one part easy enough for early beginners and an advanced part for 2nd or 3rd year players.  However, the band and orchestra sounds wonderful just with the beginning parts performed. With my first year band and orchestra, we had our first performance just after 3 weeks of classes!  Other teachers were amazed at how good the group sounded -   and of course, the director is given all the credit after performances.  After this early performance one teacher told me about a school where they started a band and orchestra and for the first few years the audience had to cover their ears.   "I don’t know how you do it," she said, "but congratulations and keep up the good work!"

"In addition to starting a band and orchestra, I also taught general music at the same school and found Ken Dahlin’s arrangements to be extremely helpful in recruiting band and orchestra students for the following year.  The school learned the words to some of the tunes and some younger grades choreographed the music.  At school performances students sang along with the band and orchestra really boosting school spirit and exciting students to want to be apart of the fun band and orchestra!"

Thank you, Ken!
Emily Coile

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